Sad news about a great snapper

It saddens me to report that the supremely talented portrait photographer Hugo Dixon passed away last week at the age of 46, after a short battle with cancer.

Hugo was not a full time Formula 1 photographer – his usual subjects were rock stars, of whom he could recount many a scurrilous tale. But he loved motor racing and would happily discount his usual fee so as to fit into the budget of our publishing niche.

Photographers can be a precious and temperamental breed. Hugo was very easy going, perhaps because he had been inconvenienced by people far more famous than those we were asking him to photograph. After all, when you’ve had to delay a shoot for 24 hours while Kurt Cobain has his blood changed after an overdose, having Jarno Trulli flounce off mid-shoot because it’s “a bit cold” pales in comparison.

He was an ebullient soul – always great company – and an adventurous one, too: he and a similarly intrepid journo once slept in a communal dorm in Sao Paulo while completing a fan story about the Brazilian GP. No armed raiders arrived to part them with his photographic equipment…

Hugo and his marvellous work will be greatly missed.

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  1. Long time no see…

    Been checking out Hugo’s website – indeed, cool pics of Cobain and Co., Dave Grohl’s cap beats everything. I believe “Ford” is somewhat misspelled there. Great photo of Mario Theissen and what looks like Toyota’s 2002 car. Strange coincidence because today I was busy searching for rare shots of Mika Salo’s career including rare 1999 B.A.R. stuff. He would’ve scored points under current system… (Any interesting stories about Salo anybody?)

    Portraits are notoriously hard to produce, I like to catch people when they’re off guard, less trouble. Hats off to guys like Hugo.

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