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Free racing car photo exhibition in London

Legends of Le Mans

See more ‘Legends of Le Mans’ at Plough Studios this weekend

Do you like racing, rally and super cars? Of course you do. If you’re in London this weekend (November 24-25) there’s a free-to-enter photo exhibition laid on by my collaborator James Mann that’s right up your street.

As well as images from our bestselling Art of the Formula 1 Race Car and the well-reviewed (“I bought this for my cousin. He gave me five hugs and kept saying thank you! And he’s a 30yr old man!”) Art of the Supercar, James will be displaying photos from our forthcoming book Legends of Le Mans.

As befits the title of the new book, the cars in it have featured in some of the most epic Le Mans battles of all time. The Rolt/Hamilton Jaguar C-type from 1953. The 1970 Attwood/Herrmann Porsche 917. The 1988 Jaguar XJR-9LM. I could go on.

And as if fabulous pictures of famous racing cars and lottery-win supercars isn’t enough, one of the stars of the supercar book will be there in the metal. A Lancia Stratos!

Lancia Stratos

Lancia Stratos will be there ‘in the metal’, as it were

The exhibition is open all weekend and Plough Studios is just a short walk from Clapham Common tube station.

1953 Le Mans winner

Rolt/Hamilton’s 1953 Le Mans-winning Jaguar