Quiet around here…

Apologies for the absence of updates recently. No, I haven’t got bored with blogging already. It’s a great way of doing something when I ought to be doing something else (as Owen Paul might have said). Paid work is intervening in the form of an all-month 9am-5pm stint in London, which entails a hideously early start. Still, all that time sitting on trains has meant I’ve completed one of the items on the 2010 to-do list.

No, not learning how to do a bow tie (imagine the befuddlement of my fellow commuters, though; it’d be worth doing just for a laugh). Jude the Obscure – great book, but joyless. I’m reading The Naked And The Dead now. I’ll probably need a comedy after that…

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  1. What, you’re not blogging on the train? :D

    But seriously, I have found that the best way to distract one’s self from the miserable drudgery of train travel is to do something like blogging – I am stuck in my seat, after all ;)

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