2010: the ‘to do’ list

I’m rubbish at the whole new year resolutions thing, but here goes:

1) Attend more grands prix. For various reasons (hosting at Renault, working in other series, not being organised enough to sort accreditation in time, etc) I only went to one GP in 2009. Yes, the travel is expensive, but going to races and keeping busy during the weekend is the only way to properly keep up with what’s going on.

2) Watch Michael Schumacher in action at a big-balls corner, preferably during qualifying. Love him or hate him, MS is a fabulous sight on a hot lap.

3) Read a Thomas Hardy novel. Mrs C suggests Jude the Obscure.

4) Learn how to do a bow tie. May just be a very useful life skill…

5) Comment on more blogs. It’s the polite thing to do.

6) Finish reading A Man In Full. This is a failed resolution from 2009 (in my defence, although I’ve had the book 10 years, I bought it in large-format hardback from remaindered stock and it isn’t very portable).

7) Deliver my second book on time.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress of these throughout the year…

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  1. Hosting at Renault? I didn’t know…

    By the way, could you drop me a line and enlighten us FOFA rookies on the whole accreditation process, I’ve been checking out the FIA website plus we were gonna ask our contact at FOM (I also got a reply from Jerez circuit accreditation centre written in broken English telling me to put together a dossier to prove that I am integral part of F1). We’re guaranteed to appear at 5 races this season (Barcelona, Valencia, Canada, Spa and Hockenheim) so we really need an advice from someone who’s experienced in this area. Thanks in advance and good luck with reading. I personally gave up reading books because I used to read too much when I was a kid, it’s all very subjective, I’m sure Rimbaud gave up poetry for that very reason. Literature is not important for a modern man.

  2. amen to number 5. here’s to the success of your first and second books.

    • Stuart C
    • January 6th, 2010

    You should contact the FIA media delegates directly (go on – they don’t bite) and find out what credentials you need to present to them. For print journalists this means supplying a sample of your work (to see if it meets the quality criteria) and letters from editors of newspapers/magazines (which also have to meet quality and circulation criteria) to say you’re providing them with coverage.
    I’m not sure what the rules are for websites, but in any case I would advise having a dialogue with the FIA. Otherwise you won’t know whether you’re in until you get the official notification, which is usually two weeks before a race – a bit late for booking travel and accommodation.

  3. OK, merci. Let’s hope the FIA will understand what FOFA is. I mean we’re not a website, we’re an association registered in the EU but we’re sort of keeping track of our activities on Facebook for the time being. There’s always plan B – find a friendly person who works for one of the teams.

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